Customer-centric innovation

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Customer-centric innovation

The title of this year’s annual report points to the very core of our business strategy, which is that we strive to help our customers develop value-adding digital services - services that enable our customers to offer a better customer experience and so become more attractive and competitive. This annual report sets out not only our strategy, organisational structure and financial results, but also other matters that are important to EVRY, from our effect on wider society to our business plan and internal matters.

Key figures

Operating revenue 2016


EVRY Group

Our environmental performance


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) scores, which indicate companies’ environmental performance.
*EVRY received an A rating for 2016

Operating revenue (NOK mill)

Adjusted EBITA (NOK mill)

Adjusted cash flow from operations (NOK mill)

CEO letter

Taking EVRY to the next level

Digital transformation is on the agenda in all industries and sectors. For EVRY, this means great opportunities for growth and development. Our challenge is to meet the market’s requirements in terms of knowledge, insight and vision; in the future growth will not come from within traditional IT but from digital business development.

Bjorn Ivroth Signatur

Björn Ivroth
chief executive officer (ceo)

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Digital Advantage


CFO letter

Accelerated organic growth

EVRY is working in a targeted way on becoming the leading IT company in the Nordic region. We made significant progress towards this in 2016.

Henrik Schibler

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Important features in 2016

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Aibel and EVRY enter into a global agreement


Center of Excellence for digital transformation launched


EVRY and Method launch the Strategic Design Lab


EVRY acquires IT Nor


EVRY Cloud Services launched


Telenor and EVRY enter into an agreement


Google and EVRY enter into a strategic partnership


EVRY announces its acquisition of Gecko Informasjonssystemer


Handelsbanken and EVRY enter into an agreement


EVRY becomes a partner for Workplace by Facebook


Norway Post and EVRY enter into an agreement


EVRY acquires NetRelations


SpareBank 1 and EVRY enter into an agreement


Amazon and EVRY enter into a strategic partnership


EVRY and IBM expand their strategic partnership

The banking services of the future, today

EVRY supports banks in their management of continuous change and facilitates the next generation of banking services.


– Maja, 18, buys a new dress. On the basis of data from the card transaction, she is informed that there are matching shoes for sale at a reduced price in the shop next door.


– Vegard, 32, is viewing a property. He informs his mortgage broker that he is interested, and receives a mortgage offer and details of his application there and then.


– Marit, 66, has her purse stolen. With the help of a chatbot, she gets her card blocked without having to make a call and to wait on hold.


– Bjørn, 53, buys a flight to Svalbard. His bank sees this and, with the help of machine learning, suggests buying a winter coat.


– Tommy, 27, buys a frappuccino and a muffin. He needs to save money to get a mortgage, and his savings app sends him a friendly reminder of this.

SpareBank 1 – Proximity and security in a digital world



Intensified focus on cloud services

The market for cloud services is growing quickly and becoming more mature. EVRY looks back on 2016 as a year in which it intensified its focus on cloud computing, and it is well-equipped to meet the increased demand.

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Solutions for a digital everyday life

EVRY is contributing to the digital transformation, which is providing better services that are more customised, relevant and competitive.


– Preben, 37, gets in his Tesla and goes online to check the local driving conditions.


– Hanne, 24, uses her mobile to log into the ‘My account’ section of her telecom provider’s website where she can view all her bills.


– Espen, 63, telephones his energy company, and its customer service desk automatically brings up all his customer data and previous correspondence in order to provide him with the best possible service.


– Per, 48, has landed a good catch of fish and reports his record catch of cod to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries via eCatch.

Telenor – Solutions for customers’ digital day-to-day


Annual Report 2016

Executive management of EVRY

Trond Vinje

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Experience: Trond Vinje has been HR Director at CGI Norway, HR Director at Scandic Hotels, and HR Manager and Quality Manager at ISS Facility Services. He has also held senior management positions at Accenture and the Norwegian Tax Administration, and his background is as a consultant at the PA Consulting Group.

Education: A Master’s degree in Political Science, specialising in Management and Organisation, from the University of Oslo and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Tuomo Louhivuori

Executive Vice President, EVRY Cloud Services

Experience: Tuomo Louhivuori has been Vice President Sales at Tieto leading sales in the Telecom, Media and Energy industry group. At Tieto he had a number of other roles including leading strategic sales, establishing global service practice and business development.

Education: A Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.

Kolbjørn Haarr

Executive Vice President, EVRY Norway

Experience: Kolbjørn Haarr has been Executive Vice President for Central Europe, Russia and Norway at Tieto, Managing Director of Tieto Norway, and a member of the Tieto Corporate Management Team as Executive Vice President for Telecom, Media, Energy and New Markets. He has also held several senior positions at HP, including Director of HP Technology Services in Northern Europe and Director of HP Services in Norway.

Education: Trained as an engineer at the Stavanger College of Engineering.

Björn Martinsson

Executive Vice President, Head of Group Strategy and M&A

Experience: Björn Martinsson has more than 16 years experience in investment banking across Europe and Asia, with particular knowledge of the technology sector, having advised numerous clients on strategic M&A, divestitures and capital raisings. Before joining EVRY, he was Executive Director of Nomura, Nordic Investment Banking / EMEA Software & IT Services.

Education: A Master’s degree in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Björn Ivroth

Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Experience: Björn Ivroth has more than 30 years’ experience from top management positions at CGI, IBM and Accenture and from having worked as a consultant at McKinsey. From 2012 to 2014 he was the Managing Director of CGI Sweden, where he led the company’s business transformation.

Education: A Master’s degree in Business Economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Henrik Schibler

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Experience: Henrik Schibler has been CFO at ISS Norway, regional CFO at ISS Central Europe, and Finance Manager at ISS Group Operations. He has also worked at the FisherThermo Scientific/Nunc Group and at Egmont.

Education: A Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, with specialisation in Management, Accounting and Control.

Wiljar Nesse

Executive Vice President, EVRY Financial Services

Experience: Wiljar Nesse was previously Head of the Bank and Finance business area at EDB Business Partner. He has also worked at Elkem and AP Dow Jones, and as chief executive and part owner of Manamind AS.

Education: A Master’s degree in Business Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Fredrik Almén

Executive Vice President, EVRY Sweden

Experience: Fredrik Almén has been Vice President for Business Process Services and Software Business at CGI, COO at CGI Sweden, and Vice President for Business Consulting. He has also been CEO of Antula Healthcare International, COO of KIN Group, Procurement Director at Eniro and a Management Consultant at Accenture.

Education: A Master’s degree in Finance and Business Administration from Stockholm University.

Morten Sæther

Executive Vice President, EVRY Operations

Experience: Morten Sæther has held several senior management positions at Telenor. He joined EDB in 2004 and then started at ErgoGroup in 2005.

Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Sør-Trøndelag University College.

Smarter cities

EVRY develops and delivers IT services that make cities smarter and everyday life easier for residents.


– Robert, 51, uses his mobile to report how much water he has used in the most recent period.


– Gustav, 19, uses his mobile to book his local sports hall for an upcoming floorball tournament on the way to a training session.


– Adrian, 36, uses his tablet to apply for a school place for his five-year-old daughter. The process is very easy thanks to the new system.


– Lisbeth, 47, submits a digital planning application for an extension to her house using her PC.


– Malin, 31, finds a new regular primary care doctor, as she has recently moved to the municipality.

Nacka – A smarter municipality


Our business

EVRY is divided into the following market segments: EVRY Financial Services, EVRY Norway and EVRY Sweden. EVRY Financial Services delivers services to the banking and finance sector internationally, while EVRY Norway and EVRY Sweden serve their respective markets.

EVRY Sweden

EVRY is the largest supplier of IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Sweden.


EVRY Norway

EVRY delivers innovative and business-critical solutions to the largest private sector businesses and public sector organisations in Norway as well as to a significant section of the SMB market.


EVRY Financial Services

EVRY Financial Services is a complete industry vertical and is responsible for all the Group’s deliveries to bank and finance customers.



Business plan

High ambitions and efficient execution

EVRY was acquired by new owners in the first quarter of 2015, and a new CEO was appointed shortly after this change. A thorough review of the company was then initiated, which concluded that its costs and expenses were out of line with its market position and rate of growth. A new business plan was launched with four areas of action: Get the basics right, Operational excellence, Customer centricity, and Employee engagement and culture. There is also a fifth area, Innovation & Quality, which is an integral part of the other areas.

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Business plan

Get the basics right

Get the basics right

A range of initiatives were implemented in 2016 to strengthen EVRY’s foundations. The most important measures were organisational in nature, and these have already had a positive effect.

Business plan

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

EVRY looks back on 2016 as a year in which it made significant operational progress. From major organisational changes to smaller measures that oiled the machinery, the work that was carried out helped make the company significantly more profitable.

Business plan

Customer centricity

Customer centricity

One of EVRY’s key strategies is to become a more customer-centric company. Organisational and market-related initiatives have been implemented to help achieve this, and these have had a sizeable impact in the form of new contracts and an improvement in customer satisfaction.

Business plan

Employee engagement and culture

Employee engagement and culture

Businesses need a high level of employee engagement to succeed. EVRY worked proactively on employee engagement in 2016 and made good progress throughout the year in terms of employee engagement and company performance. EVRY also worked actively on creating a more performance-based culture with greater proximity to customers and more collaboration.