Intensified focus on cloud services

The market for cloud services is growing quickly and becoming more mature. EVRY looks back on 2016 as a year in which it intensified its focus on cloud computing, and it is well-equipped to meet the increased demand.

The market for cloud services is growing quickly and becoming more mature. EVRY looks back on 2016 as a year in which it intensified its focus on cloud computing, and it is well-equipped to meet the increased demand.

Today’s companies and organisations need infrastructure services that are capable of supporting new technology and digital business processes. Those companies and organisations that transfer elements of their IT portfolios from their own servers to the cloud lay the foundation needed for them to innovate more and to have infrastructure that is more cost-efficient and scalable. EVRY offers consultancy, architecture, design, implementation and operations services for a range of cloud platforms using our certified consultants in Norway, Sweden and India.

New business area

EVRY helps its customers to increase the efficiency of their operations, to innovate faster and so to create business value. Cloud services are flexible and scalable and offer quick access to innovative applications. Our recommendation is therefore that customers should move as much as possible to the cloud as quickly as possible. At the same time, we understand and have particular insight into the complexity associated with legacy systems, security, compliance and regulatory questions. EVRY collaborates with its customers to produce cloud strategies that cover all the steps involved in this process, from analysing all the cloud options available to them, through to solutions architecture, implementation, migration and managing their cloud services on their behalf. 

In order to capture the growth potential it sees in the Nordic market, EVRY set up the EVRY Cloud Services business area in the autumn of 2016. It is essential for EVRY to have market-leading knowledge and capacity in this area, and a large-scale recruitment process was launched to further develop EVRY’s service offering and to help customers transition to the cloud. EVRY’s ambition is to recruit 100 new cloud specialists during 2017.

Expanding on the IBM success

EVRY and IBM entered into a long-term strategic collaboration for basic infrastructure services in 2015. This has been well-received by EVRY’s customers. It has led to new world-class cloud solutions being set up in the Nordic market, and EVRY’s largest customers are currently being moved to the cloud. EVRY’s collaboration with IBM was expanded in 2016 so that all EVRY’s customers will now be able to enjoy the benefits of modern cloud services. EVRY is continuing to lead the development of value-adding services, and it combines these with IBM’s innovative cloud technology and global presence. This gives customers market-leading infrastructure, greater agility as they digitalise, and the ability to be quicker to market with new services.

The partnership between IBM and EVRY not only provides access to an industry -leading private cloud platform, it also offers direct access to the global IBM Bluemix platform – a platform that offers efficient implementation, secure availability and global scalability for any cloud architecture the customer may choose – on Nordic soil.

Strategic collaboration agreements

In order to position itself as the leading cloud services provider in the Nordic region, EVRY has entered into strategic partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services. As a result, EVRY has achieved its goal of being the leading Nordic cloud services provider in its capacity as an independent technology partner that is able to help customers take advantage of the best that the leading cloud providers have to offer. Customers wishing to use the cloud are able to do so via Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google and IBM. Customers that need to have private clouds can do so via dedicated data centres with either Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix.

EVRY also serves customers that need hybrid cloud solutions and customers that wish to migrate selected parts of their traditional IT set up to either private or public cloud services. With its Cloud Management Platform, EVRY is able to move its customers’ solutions to the cloud efficiently.

A catalyst for customers’ investment in the cloud

One of the biggest challenges EVRY’s customers face is whether they are able to move their business applications to the cloud so they can make the most of the benefits offered by modern cloud services. DevOps methodology and containers are important tools for this type of task. EVRY has strengthened its expertise and delivery capabilities in this area by entering into a partnership with Rancher Labs, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the area with its container management service. This service supports all the leading container platforms in the world. The collaboration puts customers in a better position with regard to using DevOps methodology as it enables cloud platforms from more than one provider to combined, so that customers are not restricted to a single provider. As part of this collaboration, EVRY will provide a distributed container service, which allows customers to administer containers in a single solution, regardless of the cloud platform.

Strongly positioned

EVRY is already one of the largest Microsoft partners in the Nordic region today, and its target is to be one of the first companies in the Nordic region to deliver services on a Microsoft Azure stack. When this is seen in the context of EVRY’s partnership with IBM, as well as EVRY’s partnerships with Google and Amazon Web Services, it becomes clear that EVRY now has the most extensive and genuinely technology-independent cloud offer on the market. EVRY’s partnership work and delivery model mean it is able to deliver the right platform for every organisation, regardless of type or size. The company’s technology- independent approach means EVRY is able to provide high-quality advice on which solution best suits each of its customers’ specific needs and requirements. EVRY is also able to administer hybrid or multi-cloud environments for its customers, and to take full responsibility for their IT services.

ALLSKOG: The cloud making forestry operations more efficient

Eirik Wean, who is the IT Manager at ALLSKOG (a regional cooperative of forest owners), wanted to modernise the organisation’s IT services, as its existing solutions required a lot of support and were tying up resources. A range of options were assessed before a cloud-based solution was finally chosen.

Like other industries, the forestry industry is changing quickly. In order to respond to these changes, it is important to be able to quickly provide services that increase productivity without the need for significant investment.

ALLSKOG evaluated the alternatives of continuing with outsourcing from an operating services partner, investing in its own solutions, or opting for a cloud-based solution. EVRY analysed the organisation’s needs and the options available to it, and came to the same conclusion as ALLSKOG, which was that a cloud-based solution from Microsoft Azure would be the best option.  

EVRY’s consultants ensured the migration process was carefully planned, and it was carried out with no impact on daily operations. ALLSKOG’s existing operating environment was replaced with Azure-based services, including virtual machines and monitoring. At the same time the organisation went over to Office 365, which meant that some servers that had previously run email, SharePoint and Skype for Business became superfluous to requirements. 

“Following the migration process, the majority of our business-critical IT solutions are on Azure. Office programs, SuperOffice, Visma, various mapping tools and other applications are easy to access wherever users are located. They are as quick and as stable, if not quicker and more stable, than before, and there is no longer any scepticism about having data in the cloud”, comments Eirik Wean.

One of the most significant benefits is that the cloud-based solution frees up time that can be used to focus on development projects.

“We have now started developing new services, including an iPad-based contract solution for use out in forests, and we are also further developing our decision support systems and a new time-keeping system that will provide better oversight and control. We are also thinking about starting to use Microsoft PowerApps, which would enable entirely new ways of working out in the field”, comments Eirik Wean.

Dualog: Cloud services making day-to-day life simpler for fishermen

Dualog has started a digital revolution in the fishing industry. Central to this work is its electronic system for gathering and distributing data from fishing vessels. EVRY assisted Dualog with cloud services from Google G Suite.

Masters of fishing vessels and fishing companies need a simple and efficient way of gathering data to generate the mandatory reports that have to be submitted to the Directorate of Fisheries as well as commercially useful information. Furthermore, the industry needs to be able to quickly have an overview of catches, what types of fish are being caught, and which fishing grounds are offering the best catch at any given time. To address these needs Dualog developed eCatch.

This solution consists of an app that is installed on tablets for masters on board fishing vessels to use, and a portal,, which is used to submit data to the Directorate of Fisheries.

“We are sure that eCatch will simplify day-to-day life for fishermen, provide fishing companies with better management information, and simplify the process of reporting to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries”, comments Silje Moan, Sales Director at Dualog.

“The Directorate of Fisheries uses the data it receives to monitor stocks and to keep a check on the fishing fleet’s catches and fishing activities. Masters of fishing vessels and fishing companies use the information that accumulates in the customer portal for the purposes of documentation, planning, sales and objections, and also to make better decisions more quickly”, comments Silje Moan.